Charity Sales

Early in 2020 your generosity enabled me to send $500 to WIRES (Wildlife Information & Rescue) in New South Wales and $2750 to CFA (Country Fire Authority) in Victoria where I used to live and where my late brother was a senior volunteer with the CFA.

In late 2020, on your behalf, I donated £750 to The Berin Centre which supports families with a Community Larder, financial information, mental health support and other issues during this difficult time. Another £750 was donated to CoppaFeel a charity supporting women with breast cancer. Fellow brooch lover Rachel Peart and maker of Oh So Flamingo beauties undertook a weekend long ride to the Moon (not literally of course) and we sponsored her to enable her to reach her target. All 100% of the £750 was sent to CoppaFeel as we added an amount to cover admin fees. THANK YOU heart Anne

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