Daisy Jean Made 4 U

Carnation Retro is delighted to bring to you the very popular Made 4 U Custom service from Daisy Jean. This means we:

  1. Act as your agent when importing your very personal bespoke piece from Daisy Jean whether that’s a brooch, necklace, earrings or cardigan clips made to your design.
  2. Provide relevant information and pricing with your wish to transfer a design from a brooch to earrings, necklace to brooch etc
  3. Help in your choice of acrylics and fonts, if applicable, for earrings and brooches etc

How Daisy Jean Custom Orders Work

To ensure Daisy Jean can adequately keep up with custom orders, they only have five custom order slots available at a time.  Once these are filled, custom orders are closed until ALL five custom orders are complete. The best place to keep up to date on when customs orders are reopening is the Daisy Jean Customer Lounge on Facebook (just search Daisy Jean Customer Lounge on FB to join).

Types of customs

In the Daisy Jean Customs Boutique, they offer custom brooches, earrings, necklaces and cardigan clips. These are available in two different styles.

  1. The most popular style of custom is the basic acrylic style, which is made from standard acrylics just like brooches! These designs are available to suit your budget and needs, with different acrylic packages depending on the number of acrylics used as they have differing costs. These designs have a faster turnaround time than the hand painted designs (see below) as assembly is much quicker and they are not resin coated. This style is suitable for all custom designs.
  1. The second style is Daisy Jean’s original custom design of clear acrylic layered designs.  These designs are hand painted, in their personal style, on the reverse before being assembled and resin coated. This style has proved very popular for pets with intricate coat colours or portraits of people who have a lot of colourings. This style takes the most time to make due to the heavily handcrafted nature and do have small imperfections as a result. This style is best suited for brooches and some necklaces. The weight makes them impractical for earring designs.
  1. To order your very own custom design, please go to the Daisy Jean website here https://daisyjeanfloraldesigns.com/pages/made-4-u-customs and fill in the form. I will then be contacted by Daisy Jean with the final price (to include shipping and customs charges) and a time scale.

Can I see past custom work? You can indeed on the website  https://daisyjeanfloraldesigns.com/pages/past-custom-designs

Conversions and re-colours

Daisy Jean also offers the bespoke service of changing designs to a different medium as well as the ability to change colours on designs too. 

a) brooch to earrings           b) brooch to necklace         c) earrings to brooch

d) earrings to necklace        e) necklace to brooch*       f) necklace to earrings*

* The ability to do this does depend on the design of the necklace. Some necklaces, due to the detail, will not transfer. This will be confirmed before accepting the order. 

Made 4 U earrings

All the earrings available in this collection are made with you in mind. You choose the design, size, the acrylics, any fonts (if applicable) and the finish (stud/clip-on/blank/hook). Visit the website to choose your design. https://daisyjeanfloraldesigns.com/collections/made-4-u-earrings?page=1

Please bear in mind, due to their custom nature, they are made on-demand to order. The average time to make your piece is around two weeks, but because of shipping time to the UK this will increase to about five weeks.


Prices range from £7.95 for small single layer to £16.95 for large double layer earrings (please allow for changes in the $/£ exchange rate)

Once you’ve chosen your design just please complete the enquiry form. We will send you an acrylic catalogue and list of fonts available, if applicable. Then decide which acrylic and font you would like, and we’ll provide a price (to include shipping, customs charges and internal UK postage) and you can sit back and await the arrival of your very personal earrings!

Here’s the enquiry form: Customer enquiry form

please fill it in as best you can and email to carnationretro@gmail.com



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